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Friday, March 26, 2021

By Kamal Swami

Indian Defence Ministry To Receive Armored Vehicles From MDS

The Indian Defence Ministry has signed a contract with Mahindra Defence Systems Limited to manufacture armoured tactical vehicles for the Indian Army. Information regarding this was revealed by the MDS in a regulatory filing. According to reports, the Defence Ministry of India has given the contract of manufactured 1300 armoured tactical vehicle to Mahindra Defence Systems Limited. The duration to supply these vehicles will be for four years and will cost Rs 1,056 crore to the Defence Ministry.
Commenting on receiving the contract, Mahindra Defence, Chairman, Mr SP Shukla said, “This contract truly signifies the success of Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. It is the first major contract for the advanced armoured tactical vehicles that are designed and developed by the private sector in India with intellectual property rights within the country. This contract paves the way for large scale adoption of Indian platforms with indigenous capabilities."
According to the sources of MDS, it has developed and designed the light specialist vehicle (LSV) after intensive research and understanding the needs of the Indian army. These dynamic vehicles offer complete protection from small weapons and make it easier for detaching the components that are used for operating these vehicles during the war.
Before including these LSVs in the Indian army the company had conducted extensive trials on different terrains to assess their performance and successfully cleared all types of tests including field, ballistics and technical examinations.

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