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Friday, February 26, 2021

By Manoj Kumawat

Is Your Hyundai EV Included in the List of Recalled Vehicles?

Korean carmaker Hyundai Motors has recalled 82,000 of its electric vehicles sold in the international market after the reports of 15 vehicles caught in the fire. The company will replace the batteries of these recalled vehicles. Although the number of affected vehicles is quite small, the recall made by the company is going to be one of the costliest recalls in the history of vehicles recalled by the different car manufacturing companies across the world. According to an estimate, the cost of rectifying the issue will cost 1 trillion Korean Won or $900 million to the company.
Replacing the battery of the electric vehicles is a laborious task and requires all the tasks to be performed in the same way as done at the time of installing the battery. It is similar to replacing the whole engine of the cars empowered with an internal combustion engine. The cost of rectifying the issue which Hyundai Motors will have to pay is an indication that the cost of electric batteries is relatively higher than the cost of the whole car. It also indicates that until the cost of batteries installed in electric cars is not lowered, the cost of manufacturing such cars will be costlier than compared to petrol cars.
According to the reports nobody is reported to be injured in the incident, as most of them happened at the time when either car of switched-off or there was no one inside the car. It would be interesting to know that there have no reports of Hyundai electric vehicles capturing the fire in the United States of America. Commenting on the investigation conducted by the company sources the batteries installed in the cars capturing the fire were outsourced from the LG and the reason behind the accident can be a short circuit. It is reported that among 82,000 electric vehicles recalled by the company 27,000 vehicles were sold in Korea itself, whereas 55,000 of the vehicles were sold in the international market.

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