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Saturday, February 18, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Jaipur Auto Expo opens for public

Almost exactly after over a month India is yet again getting ready to be gripped by car fever. Last time it was in the country’s capital and now it has come straight to the capital of India’s biggest state-Rajasthan. Organized by a leading newspaper, Jaipur is organizing ‘Jaipur Auto Expo’ started today at Ambedkar Circle. The three day event will host an array of cars including recently launched Mini Cooper S, Mini Cooper Convertible and Mini Cooper Countryman besides Porsche that can also announce its showroom in Jaipur. Besides there will be almost all the major car makers showing their products to the visitors.    


It is time that those who wished to be there at the 2012 Auto Expo held in New Delhi in early January but could not make it, can visit the Jaipur Auto Expo that begins today. Tickets for the event were available online and those still missed to book it can buy a ticket and take part in an event that will change the face of car industry in Rajasthan. The organizers - Rajasthan Patrika newspaper have organized it in a big way and hope the event to be the gateway of putting Jaipur city on an international platform.  


Jaipur Auto Expo

The three day event will be open for public visit today till February 20 and the timings will be from 11am today to 9pm. The event will open at 12pm tomorrow and 1pm the day after. The closing time will be same for the three days and it will be 9pm.  


Jaipur Auto Expo

Where the event will be displaying the latest and the plushest cars by almost all the major car makers, it will also be showcasing latest accessories giving an all under one roof solution for car buyers to have a close look at options before going for a buy. Primarily, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Ferrari.

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