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Thursday, April 11, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Mahindra e2o to have Vodafone SIMs for connectivity

Now cars will respond to orders. You can turn on AC, lock it, check status of the car, its location etc. using a mobile device. A car that will make this possible is Mahindra e2O. India’s first electric car e2O launched recently though has got lukewarm response in the market but the car maker is sure that soon the trend of electric cars will catch up in India. Now telecom major Vodafone has entered into agreement with Mahindra and it will be providing mobile connectivity to e2o sold in India. Thus every e2O will be fitted with Vodafone SIM card and this will for the purpose of connectivity. Vodafone will be installing the SIM card free of cost.

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The VodaFone SIM in the e2o will be used to make it connected to the internet on the go through which it will transmit its status to the central servers with Mahindra and also the car owners will be able to control it using an app on their smartphones. This way the car will be always near to the owners even if it is parked kilometers away from them. Also this will add to their convenience as well. Using the app, the air conditioning or the heating system on the car can be switched on and what one will have a pre cooled or heated car before one reaches to it. Also, the app will also be informing about the nearest charging point in the city besides the charge the left.
Another striking feature of e2o is its emergency backup charge. If you are struck in the middle as the battery has drained out and need a push to another 8-10 kilometers just press a button on the smartphones app and your e2O will be ready to go. Thus it will be like you will never be held in the middle of your journey even if the battery charge is over.

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