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Thursday, April 04, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Mahindra Reva e2O bookings not up to the mark

The electric car revolution in India is about to come and is knocking at the door. But to the surprise of all, the Mahindra E2O bookings are far below the expected number. Mahindra had planned to sell at least 500 E2O’s every month but initial bookings have disappointed the team. Launched on March 18, the car is only a fortnight old and it seems to be too early to gauge its success or failure. Some cars have failed to impress in the beginning but later following robust publicity, those cars have come out to be volume pullers. The not so inspiring booking of E2O suggest that India is not yet ready for electric cars.

Mahindra Reva E20 Pictures

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Mahindra Reva E20 Pictures

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Dr. Pawan Goneka (President of Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors) had in a recent statement reportedly commented on the order bookings of the Mahindra Reva e20. He revealed that the preliminary response for company’s newly introduced car, e20 has been quite disappointing. Apart from that, he also mentioned that company is all set to announce the price hike that will make the difference of around 1-2% in the prices of the Mahindra vehicles. However, he didn’t divulge information regarding those cars on which the price hike will be announced.

Mahindra Reva E20 Pictures

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It appears that company’s promotional strategies failed to create a strong impression on the mind of the buyers. Mahindra tried to lure buyers by mentioning that a user of e20 would be able to save around 4 lakhs in every 5 years in comparison to a petrol-equipped hatchback of the similar value. According to the company, e20 is capable of offering superior performance in comparison to the petrol and diesel hatchback and it also features better interior space. With 100 km run and ultra modern features in addition to control system with the help of a smartphone app, the car has all that any modern day car doesn’t. Still, it seems that Indians will take time to shed their habit of visiting the petrol pump once in a day.

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Alex Thomas

Monday, April 08, 2013

I dont see any top executives of India Inc driving electric vehicles. Neither do the Mahindras or Goenkas. Walking the talk helps sell concepts, where a change in lifestyle is expected. Had they adoptred it, maybe this concept would sell, instead of being relegated as a freak-show. The marketing strategy should change to the manufacurer paying for and owning the Battery, whilst the buyer pays for, and owns the car. Like the concept in US, the charging station should fix a new fully-charged Battery and disconnect and retain the old one whenever required by the driver-owner, with the owner paying only a proportional rental-amount - like for a full-tank of fuel. This would reduce the potential owners' fear of having to pay for an expensive battery with the attendant fears of replacing it due to a possible fault. A large portion of the cost of an EV is constituted by the Battery. The consequent reduction in price shift - with cost of the battery being retained by the manufacturer- would make the EV an attractive proposition for city cycles, till--over time, it becomes fashionable to own one. Alex, Bangalore

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