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Saturday, February 25, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Mahindra XUV 500 booming sales could not trespass Tata Aria turf

Strange but true; Tata Aria sales have remained steady even after Mahindra XUV 500 launch in India. This striking revelation has reportedly come from the company sources who has denied all speculations of an impact of XUV 500 sales on Aria sales in India. Notably, the XUV 500 SUV has bagged 25,000 booking application against the delivery capacity of 7200 units recently during the second of bookings. Even after a marginal gap between the prices of the two, Aria has maintained its sales whereas the XUV is climbing new heights on the sales chart. Where Aria 4X2 price starts at Rs 11.73 lakh, while a XUV500 counterpart price starts Rs 11.13 lakh.

Notably, Aria has never been a brisk seller in the country despite of being a more refined product in Tata’s line up. Evidently, it has its own buyers who have not shifted to the XUV 500 as Aria has its own segment. First it is much larger than the cheetah inspired XUV 500 and secondly, in continuation to the first, it looks bolder than the latter which seems to be compact from certain angles.
Auto critics also suggest that the interiors quality of Aria is also far better than XUV 500 and there is acres of space inside the earlier. Both are seven seaters, however seven six footers have to sit tight in XUV 500 while they happily travel and can stretch in Aria. Equally important aspect that must have kept Aria’s sales intact is that its entry level versions are still cheaper and those wishing for good spacious interiors prefer Aria than XUV 500. Another important factor that could have kept ticking the sales clock for Aria is its minimal waiting period. Its like you book it and you get it within a fortnight. While for XUV it is booking, then draw and then the winners will be declared and then what the customer gets is a date of delivery.
If the Aria and XUV 500 performance and handling is compared, it is the XUV raises the winner’s trophy. Being bigger in size, Aria sometimes feels like a bulky car needing a chauffeur to steer it through the bumper to bumper traffic while XUV 500 cruises effortlessly on and off road.

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