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Monday, March 25, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Maruti sells over 1 lakh Maruti Alto 800 cars in 4 month of its launch

It was destined to be successful and it is. Maruti Alto 800 was launched in India on October 16, 2012 and has a price of Rs 2.44 lakh. This Maruti 800 and Maruti Alto F8D amalgamation car is able to secure a place in over 1 lakh homes in four months of its launch. As it is truly said, if it is a Maruti car it will sell well. But there was something in Alto 800 that has greatly helped the car sell amazingly well. As per the views of experts in the field, Maruti 800 was losing sheen but people waited for its replacement. Meanwhile, the Alto was getting low response due to the introduction of Alto K10 and then Alto 800 came that has got the 800 customers as well as those wished to buy an Alto like car. Also, the price has also helped a lot.  

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Still, Alto 800 is the fourth most affordably priced car after Tata Nano (price Rs 1.41 lakh), Maruti 800 (Rs 2.08 lakh), and Maruti Omni (price Rs 2.15 lakh). Thus the price was in favor, the looks were in favor and most importantly it had a strong legacy. All these factors have greatly helped the car get more than instant response and this is the reason why Maruti is able to sell over 1 lakh cars in less than 4 months of its launch. With its launch, Nano sales took a downslide as those who wished a small car which is affordably priced now had an excellent choice in the form of Alto 800.  


Maruti Alto 800 Pictures

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Another important factor that has helped this car attain high visibility and sales is its mass appeal. It caters to the high volume segment and that too the entry level high volume segment. Furthermore, the car has a CNG variant right from day 1 and this is a big plus as those in the metros got an excellently viable daily commuter. Thus, it is a mix of high level of response due to all these factors that the car was able to get some inspiring more than 33,000 unit sales a month despite of the slowdown in the industry.

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