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Monday, April 18, 2022

By Kamal Swami

Maruti Suzuki To Launch Multiple Electronic Cars In India

The country’s leading carmaking company Maruti Suzuki India Limited plans to launch a bunch of electric cars in the Indian car market. According to sources with this, the Indo-Japanese carmaker also speculates to dominate the segment. The first electric vehicle from the company is slated for launch in 2025. In the words of Hisashi Takeuchi, the company’s new  Managing Director and Chief Executive, “We are a little behind our competitors in introducing the (EV) model to the Indian market, but we see that still, the market demand for those EVs is limited. Actually, sales of EVs in the Indian market are still very, very limited.”
He also said that it doesn’t mean that the company has not yet done anything regarding this. In his words, “But that does not mean we are doing nothing about EV. We have done a very extensive test of our EV utilising our existing models and putting those batteries and motors and everything into this existing model. We have been doing this test for more than a year with multiple cars in the Indian environment so that we are sure that our EV technology will be good in the environment, which is very, very tough in India.”
According to the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA), the electric car segment in the country at present is dominated by the domestic carmaker Tata Motors. From 2021-to 22, the company sold 15, 198 units of its electric cars in the Indian car market. This was 85.37% of the total electric cars sold in India. The overall electric cars sold in the Indian car market during the said period were 4,984 units.

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