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Monday, December 07, 2015

By Manoj Kumawat

McLaren reveals future concept of Formula 1 cars

McLaren MP4-X

In joint collaboration with team of designers and technicians, the engineers at British Formula 1 have determined the concept of Formula 1 car race to be held in future. The future concept of Formula 1 developed by them is not only dynamic and amazing but will undoubtedly give new dimension of Formula 1 race that will be organized in future. According to sources of McLaren the base of new technology is existing technology that is applied on MP4-X, however moving ahead company sources also said that these technical changes are still in their primary stage and will take time in taking accurate shape.

McLaren MP4-X Front view

According to new technology the power generation would be redistributed to chassis which at present is missing in McLaren Honda Formula One. The sources said that instead of having a big unit for storing electricity, if slimmer battery cells are generated to be adorned on chassis or on body then it would be easier to integrate them on aerodynamic appearance of Formula 1 cars in future. It would be interested to know that experts are working on making appropriate use of energy generation, which plays an important role during Formula 1 races and for this technologists are working on making use solar energy by mounting it different panels across the body. Use of solar energy will help in minimizing the consumption of fuel to great extent. 

McLaren MP4-X Side View

Moving ahead, apart from introducing contemporary technical changes in conceptual cars for Formula 1 in future, team of experts is also paying significant attention towards the safety to drivers. The erstwhile version of Formula 1 cars adorned an open cockpit and open wheel and therefore there has been regular demand for additional safety measures by both organizers and participants. The conceptual Formula 1 will carry covered cockpit which would be further developed with transparent and hydrophobic cover delivering substantial clarity to drivers. McLaren is interested to introduce the technology that is used for manufacturing fighter planes by making use of HUD fed cameras which are helpful in generating clear view of track.

Well, this is not an end about driver’s safety as apart from above mentioned safety feature McLaren is also concentrating on use of bio-telemetry system which helps in identifying the consciousness level of drivers while driving.

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