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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Mercedes Benz GLA - BLK in the making, will be entry level luxury SUV in India

The launch of Mercedes Benz B Class Sports Tourer at a price tag of Rs 21.49 lakh proves something. It proves the commitment by Mercedes to bring the luxury car segment to a price level where it becomes highly affordable. The car maker will be launching an entry level luxury SUV in 2014. It will be the Mercedes Benz GLA/BLK Crossover. The new development came to light during a press interaction with Mr Debhasis Mitra, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mercedes Benz India. The Mercedes Benz GLA/BLK crossover is in the test phase and it will see a worldwide launch next year followed by launches in India and other parts of the globe. In India, the new Mercedes SUV will be a close rival of Audi Q3 and BMW X1. The estimated price of car is still unknown.

Unlike the just launched B Class Sports Tourer, Mercedes will have a high expectation from the Mercedes Benz GLA/BLK. It will be priced much below the B Class and thus the car maker will ascertain that the car becomes an instant hit. Where the B Class will be going the CKD route two years from now. The GLA/BLK could also take the same route once it senses a bright prospect in India. Expected to be based on the high affordable car platform – the MFA platform, the GLA/BLK by Mercedes will be a versatile crossover and it will be reforming the segment.

With the Mercedes Benz GLA/BLK launch in India, the car maker is expected to reinstate itself to the top luxury car maker position as it will be priced very attractively. The new car by Mercedes will be much cheaper in price than its rival SUVs in India viz. Audi Q3 and X1 by BMW. Also, Mercedes will be trying its best to imbibe features that will make it the most sought after SUV in the country.

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