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Monday, March 11, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Mercedes Benz mini-SUV in the offing, launch probable anytime this year

The world is certainly shrinking and small is beautiful concept seems to have taken the wheels in the car industry. Where every other car maker is thinking of a small car and specially a small SUV in the compact SUV segment, Mercedes Benz is also thinking of pitching in a new mini SUV soon. This step is going to transform not just the fate of the German automobile maker worldwide but in India as well. Till date there is no luxury SUV in the mini SUV segment and the entry of Mercedes Benz SUV will certainly step up the prospects of the car maker in gaining the numero uno position again. Though there is no official confirmation regarding the mini SUV but it is highly anticipated that the car maker will be launching one of this kind soon.  

Mercedes Benz A-Class Pictures

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The SUV in the compact car segment will be competing with Land Rover DC100. It is believed that the car maker will be using the popular MFA platform and this means that the SUV will have the agility of a big car and the ease as well as the performance of a small car. As it will be based on MFA platform, it will be a front wheel driven SUV initially and it is believed that there will be an all wheel drive SUV in the offing as well. In the portfolio, this car will have the same price as that of the Mercedes Benz B Class and the upcoming Mercedes Benz A Class hatchback.   

The launch plans are not concrete and that is why nothing sure can be said about his car. But it is sure that once the SUV come in, it will witness lot of enthusiasm in the market as it will be much affordable than the Mercedes Benz M Class and other Mercedes SUVs.

Mercedes Benz A Class Pictures  Mercedes Benz A Class Rear View Picture  Mercedes Benz A Class Dashboard Picture  Mercedes Benz A Class Headlight Picture  Mercedes Benz A Class Steering Wheel Picture

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