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Monday, December 03, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Mitsubishi Mirage sedan launch next year at New York Auto Show

The small car Mitsubishi Mirage is in reports for quite some time now and just as Honda has launched the Honda Amaze based on Honda Brio, this Japanese car maker will finally launch the Mirage sedan at the New York Auto Show next year. This is another good news for the auto industry as just as the small car made its presence even before it debut, it will also be able to settle itself. The best part of the Mirage sedan will be its performance as well as it mileage. Just as the Mirage price is considered to be affordable so is the sedan version will be highly affordable.  

Mitsubishi Mirage Photo

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As per the official figures, Mirage has already bagged around 20k booking orders in Thailand and it is assumed that this small car will be able to get further response in the coming future. Soon the Mirage will have a decent presence in Europe as well. Just as the Mirage is highly fuel efficient, the sedan is also expected to return more mileage. The Mirage mileage is claimed to be 30 kmpl and it is powered by 1 L three pot petrol powerplant. Being a small car, this Mitsubishi car has the capability of getting some quick numbers and so the car maker is highly banking on this car.  

Mitsubishi Mirage Photo

See More Mitsubishi Mirage Photos Get Mitsubishi Mirage Price

Unlike the hatchback, the Mirage sedan will have a more powerful engine and as per the details, it may be the 1.2 L engine that will have an automatic transmission mated to it. In US, the Mirage sedan will have a competition with Nissan Versa or the Nissan Sunny and it will be similarly priced. The price could land somewhere around Rs 8 lakh and at this price it will have a range of cars to compete with in India.

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Monday, December 03, 2012

Very cute small car has been made by Mitsubishi. The time of Mitsubishi SUVs has gone but i am sure that this upcoming small car will give new breath to company. Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi sedan will sales driver of the company....

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