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Thursday, July 29, 2021

By Kamal Swami

Moon Cheats Tesla’s Autopilot Feature In Self-Driving Car

The arrival of a self-driving car is still under trial, but we have already seen and enjoyed its functionalities already in lots of sci-fi movies. But it seems that we still need to work a lot on making these cars well-prepared to work for us. Especially, giving them the responsibility of managing the steering wheel. Recently a video released on the internet by one of the Twitters users, Jordon Nelson, compels us to think about this. In a video, it can be seen that the autopilot system of a Tesla car is confused between the yellow moon in the sky and the yellow traffic light.
In the video, the moon that looks like a yellow object is shining far in the sky. On the interface screen of the car, the path on which the car is running is seen. This is marked by two parallel running blue lines. The other car, running on the same track can also be seen on the screen. While moving ahead, suddenly, a yellow traffic light emerges on the screen without any indication. This traffic light gets closer to the car as it moves ahead at the same time, another yellow light appears on the screen as the car gets closer to the light. In this way, 13 yellow lights appear on the screen and disappear in this video of 23 seconds.
So now, the question arises that from where did this yellow light came on the screen? Is it a yellow moon, far and high in the sky? It seems that there is a mistake in the car’s perception algorithm that considers the moon as a traffic light. In the words of Nelson, the speed of the car starts slowing down as it gets closer to the yellow light.
Nelson also tagged Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, for instructing his team to rectify the issue. Unfortunately despite the video received more than 9 lakh views, there have been comments from Musk or his team. Commenting on the video, one Twitter user commented“Edge case. Only happens on planets with moons.” Anyhow, it would be interesting to know that recently Musk also tweeted that making a self-driving car is a difficult task.

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