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Monday, July 18, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

More details revelation for 2012 Mercedes Benz B-class

Mercedes-Benz has helped to curb the curiosity among customers by revealing a few notable details for the new Mercedes Benz B Class in the hatchback segment, way ahead to its official launch at the Frankfurt motor show to be held this September. What makes the launch of this beauty so important because the officials are planning to make its way to India. Currently the Mercedes Benz B-Class along with the Mercedes Benz A Class is getting ready to be launched in Indian Market by the luxury car manufacturer Mercedes Benz. This launch is crucial as a new era in the segment of top premium hatchback cars would be opened for the Indian Autocar Industry. Also other German car manufacturers are making strategies for the launch of their respective hatchbacks among the premium segment, which is a whole new concept for Indian buyers.

Mercedes Benz B Class

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The B-Class will be powered by a numerous petrol engine listed as follows: Firstly the base model i.e. the B180 house a 1.6 litre true petrol engine capable of producing a maximum power of 122 bhp and a peak torque output of 200 Nm. While a more powerful B200 petrol engine churns a supreme power of 156 bhp and has the majestic ability of 250 Nm torque production. “But are we really enthusiastic about the petrol variants?” a question may arise within us. If we look at the overall response of Indian car buyers; Petrol is still a popular option present. Thus no need to worry, Mercedes Benz also has some top class diesel engines roaring to make an entry in the Indian market.


Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

See More Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures Get Mercedes Benz B Class Price


The diesel engine specifications for the B180 CDI at 1.8 litres, 4- pot would churn out a power of 109 bhp and 250 Nm torque. Again the diesel engine under the hood of B200 CDI would be more powerful and whole lot of better output production will be available that would produce a maximum power of 136 bhp and 300 Nm of peak torque. The Mercedes trademark 7G-DCT transmission having dual clutch technology would mate with both the diesel and petrol engine types. The 6-speed manual transmission will also be available as an option to consider. Mercedes has taken a good care of the environmental factors and has strategize the launch tuning with Indian economy while launching these hatchbacks. This launch would be posing a serious thread in competitions for the previously launched cars.


Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

See More Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures Get Mercedes Benz B Class Price


The ultra modern start- stop function is made available in these hatchbacks as they are a better fuel saving measures. Mercedes B-Class hatchbacks will ensure occupant safety by the features such as Speed Limit Assist, Active Parking Sensors, Lane Keeping Assist feature, the Adaptive Headlamp Assist option, Attention Assist also the reversing camera are among a few measures to be mentioned here.

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