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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

New BMW 3 Series coming soon

The Detroit Auto Show is fast becoming the launch pad for car makers to showcase some of their best car offerings. Luxury car maker BMW has also showcased a number of cars at the show. Among these cars, there are some that may head to India and the BMW 3 Series F30 is one of it. This sedan is a petrol powered car and is a junior of the BMW 328i in terms of power of the engine. Why India anticipates this to be included in the fleet of BMW cars is that the price of the car will be lower than the other variants following its less powerful engine.  


This car the BMW 320i will have a price lower than the S series cars of the F30 line up. Experts believe that it is an attempt by BMW to enter the under Rs 25 lakh price segment in order to fetch some quick volumes. The BMW 320i price in India could be around Rs 24-25 lakh and it will be launched this year. In addition to the under powered engine, the car will also have some cut down work on the features as well. As per the information, the sedan will have a basic iDrive mechanism besides 16 inch wheels apart from artificial leather seats in order to cut the price of the car.  

In order to bring the price further down, the car maker could also quash some of the features such as sunroof and reverse camera. There could also be an axe on some of the non essential and luxury features such as Xenon headlamps. Another revelation was BMW Z4 that appeared as images earlier this year and it will be coming with so many changes including new styling, new headlamps and new alloys. There are also a lot of minor changes on the inside.


 BMW 3 Series Pictures BMW 3 Series Pictures BMW 3 Series Tachometer Picture BMW 3 Series Front Seats Picture BMW 3 Series Steering Wheel Picture


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