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Monday, June 13, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

New cars to be launched with fuel efficiency labels

As Government certification is now legal on fuel efficiency labels, this gives the new customers a total benefit of choosing the most fuel efficient car, staying ahead of wad fuel projections from companies.

This news from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency came as a boon in the recent time of inflation of fuel prices as now the price witting Indian customer would be more informed of the mileage details of vehicle which they intend to buy.

The initial practice to carry labels would be voluntary but from March 2012 every single car sold from the showrooms would carry the fuel efficiency details. Thus, this mandatory decision directly leads to more fuel efficient cars by 2015-16 as companies would intend to project their products as the best. The major improvement would be expected in economy priced cars and the large sized cars including SUV’s and MUV’s.

After a time span of two years the Bureau of Energy Efficiency has finally managed to impose laws and compress the combined monopoly of the road transport and another being the highway ministry. Automobile manufacturers will now have to satisfy the norms for the latest cars they manufacture. The modern concept here is to reject old fuel consuming engines from road and technologically efficient engines to be used by doing a checking drill regularly.

Speculations from governments are suggesting the increase of mileage by 20- 25% by 2015. The hardened rules are projected to increase the overall fuel efficiency especially among heavy vehicles.

However, the Bitter truth by officials is to publicly notify the companies by a name- and- shame regulation; having bad fuel efficiency. Thus is a nightmare as it would deteriorate their market value manifold.  

The Energy Conservation Act will serve as the base of the norms of all labeling and standards with notifications from bureau. Now the Road Transport ministry will regulate the efficient functioning of industry and the norms to implement laws under the Motor Vehicles Act.

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