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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

By Pawan Rana

New Ford Fiesta to be adorned with EcoBoost engine

Ford Motors is known for its sturdy cars. Now, the car maker is soon to add a new chapter to its success by launching the new EcoBoost motor. Now the car maker is soon to introduce this small three pot engine in the Ford Fiesta hatchback in US. Back in India, the car maker is expected to power the upcoming Ford SUV Ford Ecosport with the same 1 L EcoBoost engine. It is said that three cylinder engines do not have much of reputation in US and attempts by Suzuki to introduce those under the hood of its cars have failed miserably. But the latest attempt by Ford is expected to do some really worth witnessing wonders. The new Ford Fiesta will be on display at the LA Motor Show. The show will also feature the 1 L engine as option. The new Fiesta will then soon be on sales in US.

Ford Fiesta Pictures

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It is noteworthy that the EcoBoost engine technology developed by Ford is a wonder in itself and despite of its small size, the engine is able to perform to the likes of 1.3 L engines. What Ford proposes with this engine is unmatched performance and high level of fuel efficiency. In India as well Ford has been showing the Ecosport with the new engine on and offering high mileage. In the teasers that were lately put up, the car maker tried to highlight fuel efficiency of the new engine and in turn the SUV. 

Ford Fiesta Pictures

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The 1 L engine produces 123 hp of power which was only possible till now by engine of more than 1.2 L or so. But this engine despite having three pots and low cubic capacity is able to produce such amount power and it is a wonder creation by the American car manufacturer. The engine also has a turbocharger that gives it the essential amount of power in need. Apart from performance, the new engine also is highly frugal.

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