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Thursday, March 28, 2013

By Anil Jangid

New Jeep Cherokee unveiled just ahead of New York Auto Show

Called as the summer of auto industry, the New York Auto Show is about to begin. But there are a lot of fire crackers and road shows prior to that not by the organizing committee but by car makers. JLR has already unveiled the Jaguar Land Rover Range Rover Sport in a road show event in NY city and it is known that Jeep has also unveiled the new Jeep Cherokee. Notably, both these SUVs are of high interest to India as both are soon to be launched in the country as well. Where the JLR car already has a presence in the country, the Cherokee SUV will be a new introduction. The Italian car maker will soon be launching the car in the country and with it the Jeep brand will debut its operations in the country. Apart from Grand Cherokee, the car maker will also be launching Jeep Wrangler SUV.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Pictures

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Pictures

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The unveil of the 2014 model of Cherokee was immensely sensational and had invited much enthusiasm from local as well as world press. As per the reports, the unveil of the off roader prior to the NY Auto Show starting tomorrow is a major step by the car maker. As per the information available, the company believes that the new car will be able to show its power and dynamics on road and off the road with much improved fuel efficiency and a lot of equipment in the car.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Pictures

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The new Cherokee SUV will be offered in a nine speed automatic transmission options and there will be two engine options for the car. Apart from this, there is be options related to safety and other equipment as well thus it will give ample room for car buyers to select what all features they need and like to be in their car. As part of the changes on the new car, Jeep has transformed the car altogether with awesome exterior and premium interior.

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