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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

By Kriti Gupta

Next generation Audi A4 in pipeline of Audi for next year

With an objective to cope with increasing competition arising in segment of luxurious segment from Mercedes Benz Class and BMW 3 Series, another German car maker Audi is also going to bring the facelift version of its luxurious sedan A4 in Indian car market during second half of next year. The next generation Audi A4 would be more advanced in terms of technical features than compared to existing version of this luxurious sedan. According to reports the 2015 Audi A4 would be based on company’s MLB-Evo platform. According to reports the new Audi A4 would be one of the most advanced vehicle offered by the car maker.
Audi A4 Front View Picture
Audi A4 Front Angle View Picture
Industry players believe that the new Audi A4 would be offered with same existing engine and front wheel drive option. It is reported that company’s Quanttro four wheel drive variant would be offered as optional, apart from this company may also offer electronic driven rear wheel axle also in new Audi A4 sedan. Talking about car maker’s new MLB-Evo platform it would be interested to learn that company has invested huge money on development of this platform. The new platform makes use of aluminum and steel along with few other light weighted materials. As an impact of this platform company had to install new machinery at its production plant which would be used during the production of A4 sedan.

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