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Monday, June 12, 2023

By Kamal Swami

No More Registration Of Fuel-Based Two-Wheelers In Chandigarh

According to recent reports, the traffic department of the Chandigarh government will stop registering two-wheelers running ICE (internal combustion engine) powered engine from July 2023, and the four-wheelers from December this year. In an official statement issued by the department, the step has been taken to encourage the use of electric vehicles under the Union Territory Electric Vehicle Policy 2022.
The government of Chandigarh announced its policy for electric vehicles last year in September 2022. The policy will be applicable till 2027. The Union Territory wants to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the coming years and wants people to shift towards them. According to Ev policy, only 6,201 ICE-powered two-wheelers can be registered in the city during the ongoing financial year. After this limit, only electric vehicles will be registered. Based on the data available with the Chandigarh administration the traffic department has already registered 4,032 ICE two-wheelers since April 1, 2023. That means now the department can register only 2,170 more ICE two-wheelers during the next few weeks.
For the registration of ICE cars, the policy allows for only 22,625 to register during the ongoing financial year. The department will touch this number by December this year. It is reported that the traffic department of Chandigarh has planned to register 35% of electric vehicles during FY 2022-23. Following this trend, the government decided to register 70% electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers in FY 2023-24. As far as the registration of electric cars is compared it increased to 20% this year from 10% during the last financial year.
During the remaining third, fourth and fifth years of the EV policy issued in 2022, the traffic department aims to register 100% two-wheelers and electric cars to 50% in the fifth year. It would be interesting to know that Chandigarh is the only city in India, which has the highest density of vehicles in the country and with this, it is the first city in the country to announce such restrictions on the registration of vehicles.

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