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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

By Manoj Kumawat

Reason Why BMW Is Focusing On All Engine Options?

Today when all the major car manufacturers are working on strengthening their potential for electrifying their portfolio, German carmaker BMW is adopting a completely different approach. Despite unveiling the company’s first electric vehicle iX3, developed on a bespoke platform and equipped with the contemporary engine and smart powerful batter, the carmaker has no plans of using the same platform in its other vehicles.
According to the sources of the company BMW is working on a different approach and believes that there would be an equal demand for vehicles based on all types of platforms including the petrol engine, fully-electric-via-plugin-hybrid to ICE. Therefore instead of focusing only on electrifying its vehicles like other manufacturers, it will work on developing vehicles based on all these platforms.
Moving ahead the company’s spokesperson Mr. Wieland Bruch said, that based on the experiences learned from i3 and i8 they realized that although the world is moving towards electric mobility, the demand for such vehicles varies according to the region and customers choice. And, therefore keeping this factor in concern the company believes that offering different options to the customers according to their requirements will help them in enjoying the expected success in the market.
It seems that going through the discouraging response received by i3 and i8, despite being equipped and embellished with the powerful powertrain and excellent features, the company intends to take every step with full care and precaution.

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