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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

By Manoj Kumawat

Reasons Why The Buyers Will Shift To Electric Cars: Mahindra

The name of domestic carmaker Mahindra & Mahindra doesn’t require any introduction to introduce itself in the auto world. The carmaker is known for its high-performing SUVs. Recently the carmaker launched the updated version of its all-best-selling SUVs including  Thar, Bolero Neo, XUV700, and Scorpio-N. Now the carmaker is getting ready to step into the segment of electric SUVs and soon going to its first electric SUV the XUV400 electric. This will be the first electric SUV by the carmaker among the five SUVs that will be launched by the company in the coming years. All these electric SUVs will be a part of a particular strategy based on the speculated change in the buying behaviour of the buyers.
According to one of the company officials, Rajesh Jejurikar, “Our internal research tells us that 25 per cent of the existing SUV buyers would like to consider an electric SUV as their next purchase”. Jejurikar believes that new electric SUVs will create a way for the launch of new electric SUVs because most buyers of an electric SUV have already one vehicle at home. He also added that matters like the range or the availability of the appropriate infrastructure will not impact much on the buyers buying their first car, especially an electric hatchback. The carmaker believes that the launch of the XUV400 electric will work as the foundation stone for the company in the segment of electric mobility. Jejurikar also added company believes that in future its electric SUVs will contribute 25% of its SUV sales.
He also added that XUV400 will not decide the success of its upcoming electric SUVs. Recently the carmaker unveiled its five electric SUVs slated for launch between 2024 and 2026. With these SUVs, the company will introduce two new brands in the market - XUV and BE.

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