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Friday, January 06, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Renault Duster displayed at Auto Expo, launch around Diwali

With the Renault Duster SUV displayed at the Auto Expo in New Delhi, Renault seems to be a foolproof strategy for India. Leaving no stone unturned, Renault India has now a car offering in all the segments. Renault Duster price has not been announced at the event. Though the crowd at the Auto Expo had seen busy praising Renault Pulse however the SUV launch had the same enthusiasm as if a new car is being launched.   

The Renault Duster is basically the French automakers version of Dacia Duster and has all new central console inside apart from new alloy wheels and a chrome garnished front end. This mini SUV will be available in 4x2 and all wheel drive versions. The same model of Renault Duster that was showcased at the Buenos Aires Expo back in June has been brought to India.  


Renault Duster Pictures

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The good thing about Renault Duster being displayed in India is that contrary to Renault Koleos, the former has been heavily localized to cater to the taste of the Indian customers. And the localization has resulted in much lesser price and thus will attract more buyers in India. Also, with 1600cc petrol and 1500cc diesel models and five speed transmission, the Duster will be able to take on off roading quite well. Besides, the top end models features airbags and air conditioning with climate control so that the ride is comfortable to the greatest extent possible. Apart from delivering the Renault Duster in India, the French auto biggie will also be exporting the right hand driven Duster which are made in India to UK.

Know More About Renault Duster 
             Renault Duster Videos
             Renault Duster Reviews
             Renault Duster Photos

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