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Monday, November 14, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Shahrukh Khan to gift BMW 7 series to Arjun Rampal and Rajnikanth

BMW 7 Series luxury sedans will be presented by superstar Shahrukh Khan to some of the important members of the super hit flick ‘Ra. One’. There are about five BMW 7- series cars; which cost around INR 1 Crore each, to be gifted in recognition to their role in the success of the movie.

Shahrukh Khan will honor Arjun Rampal, who played the title role of the villain in the film and director of the movie Anubhav Sinha along with megastar Rajnikanth, who did a small but a crucial guest appearance in the picture. There are two other important persons as well who will be the part of this gift to be handed over by Shah Rukh Khan also known as bollywood badshah.

BMW 7 Series Pictures

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The reports of BMW being gifted by Shah Rukh Khan has not been authenticated by himself, but a close aide to the superstar has revealed that five of the BMW 7-series cars will be presented to those who has assisted him while making one of the most costliest movie ever in India, ‘Ra.One’.

King Khan has always been in news for gifting some really premium gifts to his film industry mates and companions. Earlier, he had presented a Hyundai Terracan to Farah Khan, the film director of Main Hoon Naa; which was produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s home production Red Chilies Entertainment. After which he gifted Mercedes Benz E Class to Farah Khan, when another super hit film ‘Om Shanti Om’ was released.


BMW 7 Series Pictures

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A BMW car dealer based in Mumbai has received the booking orders for five BMW 7-series luxury sedans, as per the trusted sources.

In the INR 175 Crore movie, Ra.One, Mr. Khan has also used Volkswagen vehicles while chasing the villains and a result a brand new Volkswagen Phaeton was gifted by Volkswagen to Gauri Khan, the producer and wife of Shah Rukh Khan.

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