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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Skoda Rapid spotted taking test drives

Getting along with quality of presenting the test cars in a swirl camouflage way in Europe and America, a C- Segment variant from the Skoda Auto Company was spotted one more time in the outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra. It was code named secretly as SK251 by the officials and observers. The international debut of Skoda Rapid is finally planned in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

To maintain the secrecy of body parts and new design of the car, the test cars were conventionally covered up by blue and black thick cloths generally to obstruct the light from directly falling on the body surface. Now companies are using new methods to camouflage the body design like SRK and IAB covering around rather sticking to old ways of sticking black duct tape and the white one’s used by surgeons.

The 2012 version of Auto Expo could be the stage for launch of the Skoda Rapid and by 2012 March this new car would arrive in showrooms. According to Volkswagen considering the Indian car line-up Volkswagen Vento ranks above Skoda Rapid in many ways. So to comply with the market strategies Skoda Fabia sedan is set to be at a relativistic lower price than the new Volkswagen Polo Sedan. VW is set to compete with this latest Skoda Rapid at the world’s stage.

Among the major market expansion plans the cost cutting feature now hold the major discussion. For the one’s in commercial business of cars a variant of low specifications could be used an in case for Taxi Drivers.

Skoda Rapid is in many ways similar to Skoda Laura which could be looked up as a more luxurious model. Skoda Rapid would be produced without the appearances of design from the VisionD. It is being viewed as the successor of mighty Octavia.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

is expected price of Skoda Rapid?

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