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Friday, February 17, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Skoda Rapid up for a Geneva Motor Show display

The India bound Skoda Rapid that has created almost a history since its launch in India will soon be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show early next month. With this the Skoda India car will have recognition at the international platform. The so called Volkswagen Vento alternative and a close resemble too, the Skoda rapid was pitched in India to fill the vacuum between its junior and inspirer Skoda Fabia and the big daddy Skoda Laura. Since November 2011, the car has shown consistent sales and is taken well in India as an affordable sedan. The Skoda Rapid price in India is Rs 6.75 lakh and it has bagged much response from sedan car buyers in India. The Skoda Rapid Reviews since its launch has also been quite impressive.

Skoda Rapid Pictures

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Basically the factors that have pushed Skoda to showcase the car at an international platform are two. First, it is a car that has been made taking into consideration the specific needs of the Indians, Second, it is a new car and has the ability to adapt to the needs of other markets as well. Since its launch, there has been many Skoda Rapid Reviews all suggesting similarity with the hatch Skoda Fabia and its close rival and parents offering Volkswagen Vento. With pricing much less in comparison with the Vento sedan, Rapid managed to get a good chunk of car buyers in India and soon after its launch the Rapid was seen in numbers on the Indian roads.

Rapid also did sell rapidly following a large number of components and equipments designed as per the needs of Indians. Besides a 2L 140 bhp TDi engine did impress car buyers. Though it is priced attractively in India, it is expected to be priced at 13,000 Euros which is just above the Skoda India version price.

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