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Wednesday, January 05, 2022

By Manoj Kumawat

Sony Group To Step In Electric Car Segment

Following the trend adopted by other tech companies, Japanese tech giant Sony Group Corp has planned to step into the world of electric mobility. According to recent reports, the Japanese group showcased its first-ever electric car during the ongoing CES 2022. News about this was confirmed by Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO, Sony Group Corp, during the press conference. In his words, “We are exploring the commercial launch of Sony EV".  
Sony Group Corp - Vision S Car
It would be important to note that back in 2020, the group had showcased the prototype of the electric car showcased this year. At that time, it was named as Vision-S concept. However, it was reported, that the main idea of showcasing the Vision-S concept car was to exhibit the efficiency of the leading tech company.
Interestingly, immediately after that, the spies captured Vision-S being tested on the roads. It was reported that the electric car had more than 40 sensors to offer a plethora of driving features. According to company sources, the electric car had a 360-degree audio feature that is capable of receiving updates from the air, capable of providing 5G internet connectivity, and lots of additional information on the infotainment system.
As far as the design of Vision-S is concerned, it carries some of its cues from the Porsche design philosophy. It is a grapevine to have a 536hp dual-motor with an all-wheel-drive system, can touch the mark of 10 kmph in five-second and will have a top speed of 240 kmph.

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