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Saturday, July 16, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Tata Aria 4X2, A Desirable Car

Tata, the Indian based Automaker is planning to introduce 4x2 version of the Aria expected to hit the streets very soon. The News is that the company does not have any plans to degrade the 4x2 Aria, even in this basic Pleasure variant has air bags, abs. The car sports 16 inch steel wheels without the AWD badge at the rear.


Tata Aria Pictures

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Tata Motors now brings a spiff Tata Aria 4x2 expected to be priced at Rs 12-13 lakhs; it is about a lakh cheaper than Aria 4x4 version. It is the best built Tata yet and a worthy competitor to Toyota Innova at these prices.

Mahindra &Mahindra has been watching Tata very closely looking to invade the premium SUV W201, is also expected to first launch a 4x2 version of its flagship model.

Tata is preparing a lower priced variant to boost Aria sales If that indeed happens, the Aria might just be worthy rival to take on the current premium MPV market leader, the Toyota Innova.

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