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Friday, March 01, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Tata Manza Club Class launched in Nepal, compact sedan, Nano Diesel, Nano CNG in the offing

Tata is certainly going through a tough time as its Tata Nano is not doing well but there is a brighter side as well. The car maker has recently launched the Tata Manza Club Class car in Nepal. The launch is believed to step up the car markers export sales. The Manza car models have specifically done a lot of good to the car maker in India and whatever region they have been launched into and it is believed that these are going to rock in Nepal a well. As Maruti and Tata cars in great demand in the neighboring country, the Manza will have a good time there. The price of Tata Manza Club Class in Nepal starts at 2.85 million Nepalese rupees.

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Meanwhile, the industry is abuzz with reports almost confirming that the car maker is soon to launch the compact version of Tata Manza. However, some say that it is a new compact sedan while some believe that it is none other than the proposed Manza CS. Still there is no official word on it but it is sure that there will be a compact sedan offering from the car maker in the near future. If it is really Manza CS then it will be an instant hit as people have already appreciated this car in its big size avatar and a compact dimension will probably curtail its boot which is said to be too big on Manza. The price of the new compact sedan is not yet known but it is believed that it will be placed somewhere about the Tata Indigo eCS.

In the meantime, there is high probability that the car maker might also be readying the Tata Nano Diesel and the Tata Nano CNG for a launch soon as the car is performing worse than ever on the sales chart. Only these two variants are believed to save it from near extinction as only around 1500 unit car sales mean nothing when the plant capacity is 11,000 per month. Furthermore, it is expected that the launch of these three cars will be in the next 3-4 month. Also, as the Union Budget is out already and the industry did not get what they wished, it is now only the individual cars that will flourish in the presently grim scenario while the feeble ones will be phased out eventually.

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