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Saturday, July 09, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Tata Motors ready to go global

India’s leading car makers, Tata Motors is ready to expand globally. The company’s collection from overseas is about two-thirds of its passenger car revenue and is considering setting up an assembly plant in South Africa later this month to enter next level of globalization.

As reported by a reliable source, Tata Motors spokesperson informed that the company was planning for this assembly plant for a long time and the formal launch for the plant will be on July 22.

According to statistics by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers, there is an increase of 13% year on year in June to 44,880 units in sales of Tata Motors Vehicles in South Africa and so the company planned this assembly plant in the country.

Reported by sources, Tata Motors Vice-chairman stated at Bangkok Motor Show last year, The Company had plans for its global expansion for long time and likewise South Africa, the other market is Latin America. Tata Motors have renewed its entire product range and Carl Peter Foster is the global CEO of the company. The company is already having operations in Korea, Spain and Thailand and is ready for next level of globalization.

Tata Motors has limited presence in Latin America and South Korea and these Auto markets will be its major target. The company will also look for other potential markets like South-East Asia and East Europe (including Russia).

Tata Motors already entered Thailand in 2008 with majority ownership in a JV with Thornburi Automotive Assembly and through Thailand expanded its footprints in Asia. Till last year, The Company was just selling Xenon pickups but after building a distribution network is looking for expanding product portfolio in the country and entering neighbor markets of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Tata Motors is planning to launch commercial (Medium and heavy) vehicles and passenger cars in Thailand in coming years and is exploring Malaysian and Indonesian markets for entry with selected products.

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