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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

By Manoj Kumawat

Toyota Launches India’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car “Mirai”

The Japanese carmaker Toyota Motors has launched a new vehicle “Mirai” in the Indian car market. It is the first car in India that runs on Hydrogen fuel cells. Recently the Minister of Road and Transport, Hon, Nitin Gadkari, launched this car.
Toyota Mirai Launch
Addressing the launch event, the Minister of Road and Transport also announced to initiate a new research and development project to find the opportunities for running the Hydrogen fuel cell-based cars in India. According to reports, the Japanese carmaker will conduct a study to analyse the condition of Indian roads and climate. Toyota Motors will conduct this study with International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT).
Speaking about Toyota Miria, it is an international product and regarded as one of the highly advanced vehicles of its type. It is the best illustration of a vehicle based on renewable energy. In its new version, the Toyota Mirai offers to deliver 30 per cent more mileage and improved handling than its predecessor. 
According to the sources of the company, Toyota Mirai will deliver an average of 600 kilometres on a single charge and can be refilled from a pumping station like a petrol and diesel car. The time used to fill hydrogen is less than charging an electric car. With the Indian government working to decarbonize different sectors, the introduction of a Hydrogen fuel cell-based transportation system can play a vital role in lowering the emission levels. 

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