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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

By Manoj Kumawat

Toyota Motors To Get Electrified by 2025, Joins The Hands of Panasonic

With growing concern towards the use of electric vehicles across the world to combat with the problem of increasing pollution all car manufacturers are making plethora of efforts at their end. Following the same trend Japanese car maker Toyota Motors speculates to electrify its entire range by 2025. According to reports the car maker believes that it can be sale up-to 5.5 million electric vehicles annually in next twelve years. Till now the Toyota had launched only specific number of battery-electric cars across the world, but now according to recent strategy it plans to launch 10 new battery electric car till 2020 and intends to sale one million fully electronic cars per year by 2030.
Toyota Charging Station
From the new strategy of electrifying the entire range of vehicles doesn’t mean that the Japanese car maker will completely terminate the production of combustion engine. It is reported that company will continue the sale of vehicles like Prius and Mirai along with the option of hybrid and electrified cars. 
Toyota Electric-Hybrid Engine
Interestingly to achieve its objective of being electrified Toyota is planning to join the hands of renowned battery supplier Panasonic which is recognized as the world’s best automotive prismatic battery manufacturer. An interesting feature of these batteries is they are light weighted, thin and have powerful back-up. Along with this the car maker is continuing its research for solid state batteries that charge instantly and enriched with features like durability and powerful performance.
It would be interested to know that if the alliance between Toyota and Panasonic continues for long time it might disturb the relations between Panasonic and Tesla as both these groups are also involved in developing the same batteries for Tesla cars.

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