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Thursday, April 18, 2019

By Kamal Swami

Toyota Yaris Hatchback To Be Equipped With Extra Features As Standard

Yaris sedan by the Japanese car maker Toyota Motors succeeded in enjoying the huge success across the world since its launch. Now inspired by the success enjoyed by the sedan, the carmaker is going to offer its hatchback version, which is reported to be equipped with a bunch of new features that would be standard across all the trims offered in the hatchback. It would be interesting to know that Yaris hatchback is basically the refreshed version Mazda hatchback, which was developed in the joint collaboration with another Japanese carmaker Mazda Motor Corporation. The worth mentioning fact about Toyota Yaris hatchback is that it would be not only equipped with a bunch of remarkable features but also offered with the compatible price tag.
Toyota Yaris Hatchback Front Low View
Under the hood, the Yaris sedan is empowered with 1.5 litre four cylinder that generates the power of 106 horsepower and mated with six speed manual gear transmission system followed by an option of six speed automatic transmission system. Apart from being equipped with contemporary features, the Yaris hatchback is believed to be equipped with a plethora of safety features. This will include Traction Control System, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Electronic brake force distribution system, Anti-lock Brake System, Brake Override System, Brake Assist. It will also be equipped with Apple CarPlay and six-speaker multimedia system.
Toyota Yaris Hatchback Rear View
Moving towards the exterior front it is speculated to continue the aggressive and dynamic looks on both the front and rear portions as offered in its elder sibling Yaris sedan. And, now finally the last but not the least, the price. As the hatchback is still undergoing the production phase nothing has been so far revealed by the Toyota Motors, but still it is believed to be offered at the competitive price, to enjoy the same success as enjoyed by the Yaris sedan.

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