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Friday, February 12, 2016

By Kriti Gupta

Two luxurious cars crashed badly in an accident in Auckland

Alike all other days morning of February 11, 201 was same for owner of Lamborghini Aventador until he heard the news of his expensive car worth half million dollars got smashed by a black coloured Mercedes Benz while he was sitting in a meeting in Auckland CBD where he had parked his car at the parking of Victoria S building. Expressing his grief on the condition of not publishing his name own Aventador said that the person driving Mercedes Benz was an elder person and nobody can pull person from his car and scold him for hitting your car if he is of your father’s age.
Lamborghini Smashed by Mercedes Benz
According to him it was just an accident a mistake which could happen by anyone, moreover he was also driving an expensive car. Although he agreed that his car has been badly damaged in a hit and its axle is completely damaged and will require towing in a recovery vehicle for repairing. Moving ahead he said that he will order for damaged parts and will miss driving his beloved car for more than two months. It would be interested to know that he had been driving Aventador since one year.

Lamborghini Aventador Side View
Although the owner of Aventador had been gentle in his words but the pain of getting his car damaged can be witnessed in his words according to him it was his dream car. However immediately he also says that a person can never predict anything and therefore he is looking towards other aspects also and is thinking for owner of other car also. According to eye witnesses the owner of Mercedes Benz could not reach the ticket machine and when he came out from his car the car rolled back and hit the Aventador.

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