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Monday, December 31, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Volkswagen Polo and Maruti SX4 to star at the Indian Rally Championship 2013

If not on the city roads, let it be at the Indian National Rally Championship. This is what is correct for Maruti SX4 that is almost in oblivion in terms of car sales but is going to appear at the Indian National Rally Championship or the INRC 2013 season. Other cars that will be taking part in this racing event will be Volkswagen Polo. Thus far the rally event has showcased the might and power of the then Maruti Esteem sedans and the petrol powered SUV Maruti Gypsy. The Polo and the SX4 will be competing with each other in the N Group and it is more than expected that Polo will beat SX4 out.  


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As per the reports, the INRC 2013 season will be worth watching as these two new entrants in the N Group will make it sensational. The petrol powered cars will be taking part in 8 rallies across the nation. There will be half a dozen of these rallies on gravel which will test the endurance of these cars and there will a couple of other rallies on road. The 1.6 L powered SX4 is believed to prove its mettle and give a tough fight to Polo which also has a 1.6 L engine under hood but it will be a power play and sheer show of power on gravel and tar by these two cars.  
The INRC event though has been marred by mismanagement and a couple of cancellation but this time experts believe that this prestigious event will be hassle free. The event will be a test for these cars to prove their might and specially for SX4 to prove that it has the power to cope with these terrains. Notably, SX4 sales were not at all promising in the last months and it is expected that Maruti could be thinking of refreshing this model in order to bring some sheen to the sales. 

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