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Friday, January 11, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Volkswagen Polo gets bestselling car of the year 2012 title in South Africa

If not in India, the Volkswagen Polo did it in South Africa. Yes, the German car Polo has achieved tremendous success at the South African turf beating the Ford Figo and the Toyota Etios (known as Etios Liva in India). Whereas back in India, the Figo and Etios have considerably high volumes and the recent arrival of the new Figo has certainly given a boost to its sales. Meanwhile, Toyota and Ford have witnessed December 2012 as the best month as far as exports are concerned and South African market has been pretty decent for the car maker.

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As per a recent report, the VW Polo has been termed as one of the best selling cars in South Africa in 2012. As many as 34,873 units of Polo were sold last year. Meanwhile, over 14k Toyota Etios and over 14376 units of Ford Figo were sold in the country. This way, VW managed to be the industry leader with a hold over 22.3 percent of the market of passenger cars in SA. Notably, Tata sells Vista and Tata Manza while Honda has also commenced export of Honda Brio to SA thus further registering their presence in the market. "


Volkswagen Polo Pictures Volkswagen Polo Pictures


The recent sales figures suggest that Volkswagen is heading for a great time in SA and if the current pace of sales carries on, it will soon be able to achieve its worldwide sales target. The Polo hatchback has proved to be highly successful for this car maker and it is believed that till a more affordable car is launched, it will keep the sales figures rolling. Back in India, the situation of car sales is grim. Where Toyota and Ford have scored well due to good exports they have failed to pose an impressive domestic sales figure.

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