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Friday, December 14, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Volvo to launch practically indestructible 'auto wheels' in 2020

In 2020, Volvo will bag all awards for the world’s safest cars. Why? It will be launching car that will have a large number of sensors keeping an eye on the movement of the car as well as the surroundings and this will mitigate any chances of collision. Whether it will be Volvo C60, Volvo XC90 or any other car taking the challenge is not yet certain. But then practically Volvo cars will be indestructible and the occupants will be in the ‘no death’ zone inside the car. These next generation cars will take only a few years to develop and if all goes well the Swedish car maker hopes to have these running on the streets of Britain.    



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Volvo has given these cars a name ‘no death auto-wheels’ as these will have multi function sensors that will detect every possible danger and with the help of on board computer it will take immediate action to counter it and avert any injury to the occupants. Thus the cars will be crash proof and a report said that these cars will literally refuse to be steered into other cars or objects. Initially, the Chinese company owned Swedish car brand will be developing such cars that will be for use in the city at low speeds up to 31 mph.  
Where Volvo is still to show something concrete, Google is already developing cars that will be automatically driven. In some or the other cars as well, some part of this intelligence technology has started appearing. Mercedes Benz will be coming up with auto braking system in the new generation Mercedes Benz S Class. But the biggest hurdle in such cars is the public acceptance. Still doubts about the technology take precedence and this desists car makers from putting some grey matter into it. But Volvo’s attempt is seen as a major move in this direction.  

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