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Friday, July 08, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Volvo XC30 coming in 2013

Crossover SUV (SPORTS UTILITY VEHICLE) is the newest thing currently trending in the car markets all around the world. SUV's are now coming in small, medium and large size, much like some clothing range. Even the companies that once used to stay away from small cars are now jumping into the bandwagon. The move has come after people started preferring the big cars that came with fuel economy and maintenance like that of a sedan.

Volvo has also joined the compact crossover wave with the decision of introducing Volvo XC30 to the world in 2013. The Volvo XC30 will measure just 4.4 meters, the same length Tata Manza has. The Volvo XC30 will compete with the likes of Audi Q3, Range Rover Evoque and Mercedese GLC. Volvo XC30 is expected to be launched in both two wheel drive and four wheel drive options.

The Volvo XC30 will share similarity to Volvo V30, a five door crossover between a wagon and a sedan. The Volvo V30 is also expected to be launched in 2013. Volvo is also developing new breed of four cylinder engines for the cars. The engines will come with both single and double turbo and will produce power from 150bhp to 310bhp. The Chinese version of the car will be slightly longer in length. The company also revealed that it plans to sell the car in Indian market too.

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