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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

By Kamal Swami

What If You Don't Need Charging Station Anymore to Charge Your EV?

German carmaker Sono Motors is developing a solar car Sion which will not only be affordable but capable of charging another electric car with the help of its solar cells. In this way, the car not only collects energy from the sun for its use but also benefitting the other electric vehicles. It is empowered with a 35kWh battery and offers a driving range of 255 km on a single charge. According to the company sources, the Sion will touch the top-notch of 35 km.
Speaking about the feature of charging another vehicle, the sources of the company said that due to the two-way charging facility, Sion is like a “battery on wheels”. The feature is known as “bidirectional charging” and is already being used for charging the vehicles of EV like Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (plug-in hybrid). For charging the vehicle uses two AC Type 2 connectors instead of the CHAdeMO plug used by the Japanese EV car manufacturers. 
The solar panels integrated into the Sion will capture the energy from the sun, thus making it an emission-free vehicle without the need for charging. Speaking about the interior features it is offered with a spacious cabin to offer comfort travelling experience to the passengers. The heated seats, height-adjustable seat belts are enough to offer comfort seating experience to a person with long legs. Along with this the large boot space is enough to store big bags without any complexity. You will find sufficient space for storing your bags. Other notable features offered inside the cabin are ISOFIX child seat, three-point seat belts, folding rear seat bench, single-zone automatic climate control, power windows, and integrated infotainment system with ambient lighting.
Along with this, the Sono App offers you the facility of connecting your smartphone through Apply Carplay or Android Auto to control the air-conditioner, check the status of your car’s battery, and many more.

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