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Renault stepped foot in India in October 2005 and got itself officially registered. In 2007, Renault in collaboration with Mahindra launched Logan sedan, which showed the potential of that Renault possessed. In February 2010, Renault ended its partnership with Mahindra and joined hands with Nissan in terms of manufacturing. Renault did its solo debut in May 2011, with Renault Fluence sedan, which was followed by launching Renault Koleos SUV in September 2011. In October 2011, at the Grand Prix, Renault unveiled its small hatchback car, called Renault Pulse. At the 2012 Auto Expo, Renault displayed 11 new cars to the consumers, giving them a hope that there is a lot in store for the car fanatics. Renault has managed to establish itself in the Indian car bazaar with high reputation. Its products are high class and give a feel of luxury and lavishness. Performance wise too, not one of the Renault cars have disappointed anybody. All in all, Renault India has proved that it has the power and potential to survive and win over the market without any trouble.

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