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I want to by a vento or rapid. i am confused in between this two. i want to know which one is cheap in maintanance,good service,after sell service and good in all features like toughness,safety,comfort,engine,milage(for petrol). And i also know the price differnce between two (for top mpdel) and differnce in features??? and onroad price of both in rajkot,gujrat (for top model)??? so please you say in this price differnce this is best....
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Asked By Ankur Raiyani
Thursday, April 26, 2012
Dear Ankur Raiyani,

The truth is that both these vehicles are based on the same mechanical aspects and platform of parent Volkswagen. I would suggest you to opt for Skoda Rapid against Volkswagen Vento. The reason for the same is that, it came after the launch of Vento and had all its concerns addressed in the form of Skoda Rapid. Not only it addressed its shortcomings but ended up in a value for money product, and on top of that it was priced lower than its cousin Vento.

So, on every requirement of yours be it features, toughness, safety and mileage along with price (which is lower by Rs 10,000-15,000), it’s fitting.

The difference in features will be better pick-up, extremely reduced NVH levels in comparison and superior drivability & handling along with smoother steering.

Talking about maintenance and after sales service, one cannot expect a Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai Motors kind of upholding as you are moving to a premium segment, but still they are not that burdened too. Nevertheless, Skoda is working hard to improvise its service after sales and online booking of Rapid is one the steps towards the desired destination. Furthermore, you can also research up on the Skoda dealers in your area.

The on-road price for Vento Highline Petrol MT will be around INR 9.32 Lakh in Rajkot (Gujarat); while Skoda Rapid Elegance MT will cost you approximately INR 9.42 Lakh.
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Answered By Imran Khan
Thursday, April 26, 2012

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