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Audi A5 Reviews


By Raghav

Price: 9,03,800


Audi A5: Best mix of power, style and Luxury

Pros : Strong and effective shock absorbers, ultra luxurious interiors, rugged attire, soft to drive, best vehicle for long drives

Cons : Very pricy, high maintenance cost, low mileage

One can easily recall the grandmaster of the finest of the luxurious cars in our country and is also the name that jingles in our mind when we think of the synonymous for power, status, luxury, style and apex level of comfort; it’s none other than “The Audi”. It’s a company which holds some of the best performing luxurious wagons under her umbrella that customers value a lot and one such master of luxury is the Audi’s A5. Car designed for the aristocratic people, carries a distinct persona that allures not only the people exploiting the luxury but envy the one’s catching on the dazzling beauty from outside.

Audi A5 interiors can be best defined as a personalized 7 star suite with all the amenities duly fitted and all the advanced features are aptly incorporated. Car offers the facility of customization so if your enumerated list holds any features they can be encompassed. Leathery upholstery gives the feathery touch. Seats are redesigned for extra comfort and ample legroom makes it an ultra spacious wagon. Company has used the finest material for the interiors which creates a peculiar ambience very pleasing to the senses. Dash looks fascinating; all the latest techs are embedded beautifully. Steering wheel covering, gears, and pedal shifts are real softy. Shock absorbers are the life savers especially on Indian roads; they are the prime components that help in maintaining the decorum and integrity of the luxurious ride.

Audi A5 is the ride for those who like to go on long drives unleashing the rider within. It’s a best highway wagon and a true partner for those who like to carry world with them and aspire for the best of whole world. Car takes care of her riders like an infant who needs care and support on every rough edge. A truly amazing ride to encounter, have a taste of it.

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