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Audi Q1 Reviews


By Aashi

Price: 9,03,800


Audi Q1: Beautiful blend of luxury and reasonable pricing

Pros : Great looks, nice fuel efficiency, best value for money, strong rugged musculature for high end performance

Cons : Much similarity with the other Q family crossovers

Are you looking forward to owing an Audi, it’s not a farfetched dream for aspiring upper middle class people anymore who always dream of soothing themselves with the best of all world but because of the aggressive pricing are reluctant to make both ends meet its however looks like their warm plea has been listened by the company with 4 circles intertwined and elegantly mused together in a fine mould, the all time great “The Audi”, company under the Skoda group is world renowned for the manufacturing of the upper segment classy wagons which suits every buddy of the top notch cliff providing the best of whole world, packed in an exuberant action packed package but it’s really surprising to see company stretching its arms to encompass the growing middle class too.

Catching on to deep pockets of the unfathomed middle world is a welcome move in the time when markets around the world are not in their full blow. Audi Q1 will certainly bring in new prospects for the company and will further help in strengthening the brand on the Indian terrain. Nicely priced, the new Audi Q1 crossover is like a dream come true for the SUV lowers, it’s a unique blend of a hunky SUV and a luxurious sedan all enclosed in a best price seal to wow the Indian customers. Taking into consideration the present moves of the automotive giants, it can rightly be said that their hard endeavors are earning and enriching the Indian terrain with best in class wagons at very reasonable prices.

Audi Q1 is the modern face of the glistening world that demands for good value for money and is a keen step towards the achievement of this task. It’s a best in class crossover in the price that is going to stun the SUV market and will cause an equal blow in the luxurious sedan market.

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Soham Roy

Thursday, April 18, 2013


This piece of article is completely focusing light on unimportant points.Description of Q1 is missing and it would have been much more appropriate if there was more emphasis on the Q1 model.

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