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BMW 1 Series Reviews


By Arpit Kasliwal

Price: 9,03,800


BMW 1 Series: Truly a palace on wheels

Pros : Stylish looks, good fuel efficiency, easy to drive and handling on uneven roads is amazing, low turning radius despite of the big size.

Cons : Service stations are hard to locate, boot space is not sufficient for long drives.

I am Arpit kasliwal, an Architect by profession from Mumbai, the city where dreams come true. I have purchased the BMW’s 1 3 months back and it’s like a dream come true for me. Fantastically designed it’s a beautiful combination of luxury, power, exhilarating driving experience and all this comes in the amazing price of all times. BMW has shifted the gear and is now in the top slot delivering the best of company’s expertise and knowledge of the global world.

Talking about my BMW 1, it’s a multi utility vehicle which amalgamates the power and ruggedness of an SUV with the class and luxury of a sedan. German manufactures lay emphasis on the luxury a lot and they like their customers to feel as if they have their own mini luxurious suite packed in a cabin which runs on wheels. Moving to the front, car hosts a complete set of amazing features which looks like a puzzle in the beginning but once we get used to them they adds to the comfort and pleasure. Interiors have always been BMW’s prime time affair and one can easily distinguish the classy BMW’s interiors from any other manufacturer. Seats and upholstery are covered with the finest Italian leather, back is very comfortable with ample of leg room. Car ensures to keep his passengers afresh even after a long drive of 7 or 8 hours I feel as if it was just a 10 min ride.

Coming to the front position, car hosts loads of features. Steering wheel is mounted with audio controls. Automatic climate control, adjustable seating arrangement, sunroof, A/C vents for every passenger and elegant carpet finish makes it a very comfortable wagon. My work includes going on long drives and I have to drive on all sorts of terrains but the level of pleasure and comfort remains unaltered. BMW’s 1 is my second home, “Home Sweet Home”.

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