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Fiat Punto Abarth Reviews


By Akshay

Price: 9,03,800


Fiat Punto Abarth: Fiat’s gift for the comfort lovers

Pros : Spacious with smart & aptly design, Curvy sides add to the attraction, simply awesome interiors.

Cons : Have to wait for a long time for the launch to happen.

Hello friends I am Akshay Dewan, a businessman from Jaipur and a big fan of cars. I have been driving Verna for the last 3 years and now the charm and excitement of its driving is all gone which suggests that the time has come for me to hunt for a new car. I was surfing net to have a look on the new launches and my hands get stuck on the Fiat’s Punto Abarth. Car looks different and smart; at the first glance it looked much similar to the Grande Punto but the closer look enlightened me with cute exteriors and elegance.

I strive upon comfort a lot and this is the point where car wins the race. After the first glance I met with the Fiat dealer to gain more information about the car and my concerns towards comfort and safety aspects of the vehicle are fully removed. Grande Punto has been redesigned into Punto Abarth and in the transformation, it has been enriched with more comfortable leathery seats, upholstery has been redesigned for more luxury and comfort. Steering wheel and gear head are covered with the soft leathery finish. Instrument panel and the dashboard now look classier than ever. Boot looks spacious from the pictures. Seats are broad and are coupled with good leg room for both rear and front. As per the dealer, company is changing the technology too and the new Punto will be a pleasure to drive.

I am done with city traffic now and was looking for the small hatchback with ample of comfort for a long time, after looking at the full specifications of the car my wife also agreed to my choice. She also shared similar views about the car, so now we are waiting eagerly for the launch to happen. I am thinking to keep both the cars now that mean I am going to gift the new wagon to my wife.

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