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Honda Amaze Reviews


By Sameer Lohiya

Price: 9,03,800


Honda Amaze to be a truly an owner’s pride

Pros : Gorgeous looks, amazing design, good fuel efficiency, Honda’s trust and a best value for money

Cons : Front looks similar to the hatchback Brio

Hello car fanatics! I am Sameer Lohiya, software engineer from Delhi, eyeing to purchase my first car which should hold a well balance mix of power, comfort, luxury and investment. Initially I was in the dilemma looking at the whole book of options was like a big puzzle I was not able to decipher but then my search ended on the Honda’s upcoming market buzz “Amaze” truly portrays what it names. Car is designed keeping in mind the new buyers and their requirements. The best thing is it’s a complete mix of the elements I am looking forward in my dream car.

Honda Amaze is a well designed car and looks amazing from the front. Bold frontal looks, beautifully designed and embedded grill, nice curvy sides and the equally stylish rear makes it a car of choice. It’s a dream car for people like me who were initially afraid after looking at the car that it is from Honda and they are not very much deep into the manufacturing of diesel based engines. I was not very sure about the launching of Amaze with the diesel engine so I was looking for other options too but after searching enough information on the company’s website and a brief conversation with the nearby Honda dealer, I am very much convinced about my choice. Honda Amaze offers whooping 25kmpl of mileage which makes it a best car for people like me who love to go on long drives travelling on unknown terrains and wants to taste the excitement of an exotic journey.

Honda Amaze is not just a means of commutation and is not just a car for me. It’s a personification of my dreams and an experience which I am thriving upon and eagerly waiting to get a taste of it. Thanks to Honda for endearing us with their best, your efforts appreciated.

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