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Hyundai i20 Reviews


By Ronak Jain

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai i20 is still better than Sail UVA

Pros : overall Hyundai i20 is a better package

Cons : Hyundai has a low mileage than Chevrolet

I am from the busy and ever bustling city of Mumbai. I work in a marketing company as a sales manager. I have family of three, me, my wife and our young son of only 8 months in age. I have a Hyundai I20 for my family. Lately my wife has been telling me to purchase a new car, and she wants me to buy the Chevrolet Sail UVA to be specific.

After she insisted me for so long, I have made a personal research just to prove my point as I want to keep my present car as I love it very much in every aspect. And after I completed my research I was made pretty sure over my choice of keeping my present car for myself and my family. First of all to start with the engine and its specifications the Hyundai outshines the Chevrolet in the diesel variant. Although both these cars do not have much difference in the specifications, but the minute difference is enough for me to prove my point in front of my wife.

Also when it comes to the options the Hyundai has an automatic transmission over the Chevrolet car. Performance wise as well the Hyundai is better than the Chevrolet. But I should say that it falls only a little short on the mileage aspect, on my side the Hyundai gives a mileage of 21.9 km per litre where on the other side the Chevrolet manages to yield out 22.1 km per litre, this is only a very small difference. Coming to the exteriors of these cars, I personally feel that the looks of the Hyundai are better than that of the Chevrolet. The luggage space of the Hyundai is higher than that of the Chevrolet.

I personally feel the requirement of more luggage space as I have to make frequent trips between cities and I prefer to drive there in my car, as I feel it is more safe and convenient for me when I am on the driver seat. All these things will be enough for me to convince my wife over my choice amongst both the cars.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


As we talk about mileage than Chevrolet car delivers excellent mileage as compared to Hyundai cars..



Tuesday, August 5, 2014


While driving in long hills sail uva performs much better. Its engine performs well and never slows down, but for hundai i20 even though its host power, torque is more its performence in hills is very disappointing.... sail uva engine performs much better.I20 can't compete sail uva at the time of long journey/hills

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