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Mahindra Reva E20 Reviews


By Ravi

Price: 9,03,800


Awaiting the launch of Mahindra Reva E20

Pros : new and fresh design, powered by electricity in batteries

Cons : none

I have been really worried since a long time after watching the fuel prices like petrol and diesel getting a constant hike. I had been secretly waiting for a car which can be fueled by something else rather than petrol and diesel. I have been highly impressed by the prototypes which different companies have been launching since a very long time but it had been very depressing for me to see none of those cars coming in the market for sales to normal consumers like me.

Then one day at the Auto Expo 2012 I came to know about the Mahindra Reva NXR. Then after some days I came to know that the car has been renamed as Mahindra Reva E20. The car uses the power of batteries to run itself for power as a fuel. I came to know that the car will be launched in March or April of 2013. I have decided to buy this car. Now I do not think that any kind of hike in petrol or diesel will make me worry anymore. Now refueling my car will not be an issue or a problem for me. This car is expected to be priced between 4.5 lakh to 6 lakh. There are currently no competitions for this car in the Indian car market. And I do not think that there will be any competitions for this car anytime soon.

I heard that one of the makers of this car, Reva are waiting for the government’s approval for subsidy on electric cars and it is expected that this car will be launched as soon as the company is able to get this subsidy on it. I really pray that this car gets subsidy as soon as possible because that ways many people like me will be able to purchase an electric car for their purpose of city driving. The company claims that the car will have a top speed of about 65 km per hour. And it is expected that the car will travel for around 80 km per hour on a single charge.

The company also claims that this car will have a short recharge time for its batteries. I personally like the modern looks of this car very much, I feel that this car is designed a futuristic feel to it. I am waiting for this car to be launched very soon so that there is a little less pressure on the fuel sources which are constantly being used to a very big level. I sometimes fear that these sources of fuel may get exhausted very soon. I really pray for cars like this to be launched more so that there is less pressure on the normal fuel sources.

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