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Maruti Cervo Reviews


By Suresh

Price: 9,03,800


Cervo – Better than its iconic sibling, the 800

Pros : More attractive than 800 and some additional features expected

Cons : less engine power than the 800

Nowadays, Maruti Cervo is the name which one would see on every major automobile source. I was reading in detail about the Cervo and I have come to the conclusion that the upcoming Maruti Cervo would be a much advanced hatchback compared to the iconic Maruti 800 hatchback. Interestingly, the new Maruti Cervo would be crafted with extremely attractive looks that have a glimpse of a sports crossover. Compared to the feature less, Maruti 800, the upcoming Cervo is said to have more features that would make this new small car more valuable than its sibling and rivals like Nano.

But, the new Cervo hatchback will also have one major setback, which is of the engine power. The 800 used to carry the 0.8 liter powerful petrol engine, but the Cervo will have less powerful 0.6 liter petrol engine.

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