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Maruti Ertiga Reviews


By Lucky

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti Ertiga LDI; Pay less, get more!

Pros : Low price, Impressive mileage, Value for money

Cons : minimum features, NO ABS-EBD

It is my personal opinion that Maruti Ertiga LDI will be the most selling variant among all the offering variants of the Ertiga. Because, in these days Indian MPV/SUV buyers are looking for reliable, fuel efficient and features rich on basic price. And at a very competitive price Maruti Ertiga LDI is speculated a right for them.

Maruti is really doing well with offering Maruti Ertiga LDI as entry level variant in diesel model. There are some differences will be available to see between basic, mid and high-end variants but, the offering standard features in the vehicle are decent.

It is too sure that Maruti Ertiga LDI will deliver more mileage than other variants while standard features such as Air Conditioner, Power Steering, Adjustable/Tilt Steering, Child Safety Locks and so forth are capable to offer maximum comfort, convenience and safety to passengers. Finally I make vote to the Ertiga LDI on the base of “pay less, get more!”

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